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Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
Well, well ... I'm going to purchase a copy of T34 vs. Tiger and stand in the line for your superupdate

60 tanks overall in the battlefield is not as much as I had wished, but considering the limitations of hardware and the fact that you wouldn't get to see much many more from the low turret of a tank when fighting (Not even on perfectly flat ground, which is not usually the case), I guess it should suffice for now.
I really don't know how many tanks yet on a overall bases it will support, but
60 tanks on the attack is a hell of a battle. However, if I were to speculate
on a number in the large size map that would be in the hundreds.
The reason I say this is because of the fact that with 40 Red Army tanks,32
German tanks and 80 heavy artillery guns blazing away I can move the free
camera across the map(5-10 miles) and it's like nothing is going on.
So, I hope you realize that your concern may not be that disappointing now.

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