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Originally Posted by Ostfriese View Post
I'd like to add something to the translation without using a translator:

1. Stuka/dive bomber attack against a militarily important railway junction/marshalling yard

2. Under intense/heavy Polish defensive fire the Stuka (plane*) and uses the entire aircraft to aim.

3. Only a few hundred meters above the target the bomb is released, pulled out of the dive and then straigthened (returns to horizontal flight).

*the narrator says "Stuka Flieger", and "Flieger" can mean both "aircraft/plane" and "pilot", but I'm certain he talks about the former, and I'd say you can leave it out entirely in the English translation.
Great! I heard "Stuka Flieger" and I liked "Stuka Pilot" so I added that. I didn't know "Flieger" can mean both "aircraft/plane" and "pilot".

I kept it short to fit and went for what I thought looked and sounded good on the screen and told the story.

Thank you for the reply and confirmation.
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