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Thank you for your nice welcome greetings, guys, and thanks for your detailed reply.

1. Tap response (contd.):
The weird thing is: It does not happen frequently but - according to Murphy's Law - just when you decide to dive with your throwaway Oka.
Seriously: There doesn't seem to be a pattern (and I'm trained to recognize patterns). As for bomber actions, I got into the habit of double-tapping; maybe it helps a little.
It may be useful to tell the developer which hardware and OS is used. Perhaps the prob restricts to iOS 7.x? Or to the iPad Air due to its new glassless touchscreen?

2.1 Free sequence of ships (contd.):
Did you overlook this?

6. Gunnery:
6.1 Range:
You are pursuing a distant enemy, get closer and closer but radar always indicates '> 45' and your salvos are short by some yards. After some turns, out of a sudden, radar tells you: Yippieh, now you need only some 33 elevation! This seems to be sort of a giant leap for the gunner but a small step for mankind.
6.2 Number of shells:
After firing a broadside you can watch a 'significant' no. of shalls (not sure if those actually represent the exact number of guns) splashing into the water and, hopefully, hitting the enemy. However, if only your forward guns are involved, the no. of shells is limited to just two - regardless if your ship has superfiring twin or triple turrets (4 or 6 shells to be expected). The chance of a hit seems to be restricted correspondingly, i.e. it is poor, while it should be 2/3 or 1/2, depending on the ship's gun layout.

7. Strategic map preview:
There is a screenshot on the net showing the strategic map with flags (well ... one knows who the enemy is) and exact images of the opposing ships, as they are displayed in the shipyard. In my iOS version, however, there are only sketchy silhouettes of the enemy ships. Particularly, it is difficult to see the difference between a Cleveland and a Baltimore.
Is this an intentional kind of FoW?

General remarks:
I'm not sure if I understand that limit of ships within PF. Isn't an additional ship just another entry in an array of objects? Anyway, for a developer's first game PF is absolutely great , and I would regret if it would never be extended.
My suggestion: Make the sequel (called Atlantic Fleet in my mind, right? ) and thereafter, on the base of the new engine, a Pacific Fleet II.

BTW, the single battle feature, i.e. an ad hoc scenario editor is fine. Is it possible to make those created scenarios storable for repeated use?

How long does it take you folks to play through a campaign?
Two days (or nights). Because it's so hard to interrupt a campaign in a good game.

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