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I make all my files using hex editor. I don't use, nor ever will use, S3D. Using that tool makes you forget how the file structure works. When you use hex editor you have to remember everything and it keeps you sharp and focused

S3D probably can't 'read' the file correctly due to some things I put into it. I've found ways to block S3D from reading my files or to 'confuse' it so that it reads them incorrectly. I can assure you that the mod is working correctly as I've tested it many times in SH3.

The new version of the mod (that I'll hopefully be releasing today) is a much improved version. The flooding part is exceptional (it works in SH5 so in theory it will work in SH3 - will find out later when I test it with SH3). Planes taking damage from fire is also exceptional

Will you be able to sink/destroy a ship from AA fire? Highly doubt it. A small fire will not take down a ship. It will cause some flooding but won't destroy it. Now depending on where the small fire happens it's possible that it can ignite other zones and cause them to 'go up in flames' and cause additional flooding. Where you place your deck gun shots with the new version is critical.

I might even add damage to the secondary explosions via my SH4 effects for SH3 mod. I've done this with SH5 and it works brilliantly! I have an FX mod for SH5 that adds debris, bodies, oil slicks, etc. just like I did for SH3. In the SH5 version when a fire is burning, at predetermined time intervals seconday explosions are triggered. These secondary explosions emit debris and cause damage to the ships. It's quite a sight to see a ship that is burning (and heavily damaged) suddenly explode into pieces after a secondary explosion happens
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