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Originally Posted by TheDarkWraith View Post
I'll be releasing a new version of this soon. I've found a better way for the fires to cause damage to the ships that also causes flooding. Is it quite possible to see a ship sink due to flooding from fires now.

I've also added fire damage to airplanes. Any airplane that smokes and/or has fire emanating from it will sustain damage over time

Some feedback:
Yesterday at night i made a round of test and i noticed that your file isn't working at all. Look, isn't the idea/implementation, the mod works flawless (and i also noticed that the ships don't flood, but will gain hit after hit until it explodes, sinking in two pieces). What isn't working is probably the particlegenerator node (i guess that you made it my hex, no?). For some reason Sh3 isn't "reading" it. So, please, just remake the file and its good to go! (i remade it from yours using Hex/S3D and it's working)

Now returning to the theme, like i said, i also noticed that ships don't flood. I tried to put the virtual DC exploding more below water but no dice. Good to know that you achieve it!

Sooooo... Will I be able to sink a large ship by shooting the cargo on deck with the flak gun of my IIa? If so, I don't think that's a good idea (As much as I want to lol), and may take some more tweaking.

Note I am running this with GWX and a couple other mods with no problems right now. So good work all around!
Yes, the ships will gain hit until explode (or sink by flood as TDW said above in the new version). This could sound a bit of so much always the same behaviour...but it's very slow and you can adjust the damage using S3D. Also the better way, is to make the fire_small and fire_big just burn for a time (actually they have a loop effect - they are on the particles.dat file). I adjusted mine for 15min/25min respectivelly and slow damage rate (by TWD mod) even if the fire extinguish, the ship have had , at least, some damage and so on. Very good and realistic, a new look for the game IMHO!
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