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^ Looks nice, but could as well be a demonstrator for some arcade flying toy. Not before before mentiikned questions get positive answers by Microsoft will we know ehther it is worth it or not.

VR I do not ask for, I jave just deinstalled xPlane because VR handling a complex airliner cockpit simply is no fun in VR, noris orecise, smooth yoke control with VR grips possible, since they are too sensitive, too nervous.

I remain watching this unfolding, but so far I reject to already get "emotionally engaged." They should release some hardcore info and not just eye candy. And flying the world in real stereoscopic 3D I already can in Google EarthVR (which is a blast, btw).

Special, functional airport sceneries, night lighting, complex airliner cockpit operation, and PC able to maintain a minimum of 30 fps without turning hot like a volcano (sufficient for civilian flight sims) - then we start talking.
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