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Using a proxy server can sometimes get rid of adverts, e.g. using something like the "Epic Privacy Browser", and then switching it to Africa/India/USA etc.

Regularly clear your cookies and all that is stored about user behaviour.

Another idea is to put "" before the URL you want to visit, and exactly before the "watch" word, then reload.
E.g. when your URL is:
" ....."
you change it to
" ......"
without hhtp and www, with a point after ... com.

Third idea is if you have a longer vid, go through the peril of meanwhile two or more adverts before the film starts, then slide the ruler to almost the end, let it load, and then slide back to the beginning - no in-film adverts this way.

What i "dislike" most is that meanwhile companies charge you more or less money for a certain item than your neighbour or someone else - depending on you order history, and what they found out about you.
Even if you found something yesterday for a certain price, it may have another tomorrow - for you. Sometimes even when having it stored in the favourites.

Free and open internet is dead.

>^..^<*)))>{ All generalizations are wrong.

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