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In the interests of getting human operated corvettes/destroyers out as soon as possible, I think a three pass development cycle would help:

Pass 1: Creation of 2 generic "rooms" or even just 2 views, one for Asdic with a fire-button for depth-charges (and a switch for selecting the pattern?) and an open wheelhouse with telegraph, operable rudder, compass, and a slightly raised lookout position. Gunnery could be left to the AI initially, and likewise lookout "botted" if not actively crewed.

Pass 2: Add proper lookout positions and optics, more fully rendered "rooms" for the Asdic and Radar operators, and wheelhouse, and a further bottable position at the stern and bow to fuse and release/fire depth-charges and hedgehogs (if fitted)

Pass 3: The final development pass could introduce player controlled gunnery plus changing superstructure for hedgehog or radar-equipped boats. Creation of 2 or more bridge rooms appropriate for corvettes (open) and destroyers (closed). Ideally some form of near real-time plain language communication would be useful, between escorts and convoy, and between escorts would be useful, so one escort can "hold" the U-boat on Asdic whilst others prosecute attacks.

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