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Note: I never got the chance to try .23a. My experience is based on the latest version .23b.

Originally Posted by GreyLynx View Post

Before the patch, if only one EOT was set at "both engines 10 slower", then all you had to do was to reset that specific EOT back to its original position in order to bring both engines back up 10 RPM to their original speed.

If both EOTs were set at "both engines 10 slower", which in this case both engines were reduced by 20 RPM, then you had to use the shift key to reset both engines back to a "normal" speed.
This was reasonable thinking if you go by the photos of U-995 which had both port and starboard EOT showing the option to go slower. Tactically it makes no sense to go only slower so I always did find it a peculiar option. There is good reason to consider this is an artifact of replicating by the museum. Unfortunately the devs fell into that trap. If you shift click this option it is apparently done twice, once by each side. Well, lets just say it's good the devs reconsidered the EOT operation, now it makes more sense.

With the patch, one EOT is used for "both engines 10 RPM faster" and the other one for "both engines 10 RPM slower". If you want to revert back to "normal" speed, one would normally assume that all you have to do is bring the specific EOT back to its "normal" position as was the case before the patch, since the other EOT is already in its "normal" position.

My suggestion is to make the EOTs work as before, but with 10 RPM faster/slower instead of 10/20 RPM slower.
The settings on either EOT are applicable only to that side. With one of the fields being an exception, those are to go 10 RPM slower on each engine with the port EOT, and 10 RPM faster on each engines with the starboard EOT. If you leftclick any of the other setting on one side, it will set that side to the RPM or mode it results to. So it should not return to normal for both sides with just a left click on one side. So if you want both engines to return to normal RPM you either shift-click one of them so they both go, or you first set both to attention and then normal left-click them (in succession) to the desired EOT speed. The latter option would signal the crew to not forget the one already on the desired setting, so this would be the most clear and not leave room for interpretation. Besides, real crew didn't have a shift key to signal both EOTs. They had to move both handles to indicate it was for both sides.

I don't see anything wrong with the current implementation (after the patch .23b). You even have a quality of life feature: clicking multiple times on faster/slower will automatically insert the attention setting and land on the faster/slower option.

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