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Originally Posted by PeterS View Post
Would be nice if:
1) bot engine control offers both 10 slower and 10 faster.
Your solution makes perfect sense, it removes any ambiguity. But it requires a modification to the "physical" EOT.

Originally Posted by Pisces View Post
How is that wrong on 2 and 3? If you want both engines to return to half speed you use shift to set both to the same. If you set one one EOT then you get a differential RPM. Perfectly normal and reasonable and may even be useful in a certain case.
Before the patch, if only one EOT was set at "both engines 10 slower", then all you had to do was to reset that specific EOT back to its original position in order to bring both engines back up 10 RPM to their original speed.

If both EOTs were set at "both engines 10 slower", which in this case both engines were reduced by 20 RPM, then you had to use the shift key to reset both engines back to a "normal" speed.

With the patch, one EOT is used for "both engines 10 RPM faster" and the other one for "both engines 10 RPM slower". If you want to revert back to "normal" speed, one would normally assume that all you have to do is bring the specific EOT back to its "normal" position as was the case before the patch, since the other EOT is already in its "normal" position.

My suggestion is to make the EOTs work as before, but with 10 RPM faster/slower instead of 10/20 RPM slower.
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