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We don't know but here are the things to consider:
  1. The graphics are very very good which adds to the immersion of things.
  2. They promise well-modeled sonar environment in line with the game's sub theme so we can expect realistic detection range.
  3. They wanted to give us steam workshop but that has now been canceled which is not a good sign as steam workshop would ensure the game's replay value through mods and additional user-created missions.
  4. They stated there would be direct control of the submarine which I feel is a bit weird as sub isn't exactly a fast-moving aircraft. How this feels exactly in game remains to be seen.
  5. The rendered distance isn't 1:1 but it's 1:2. I can't see why they don't give us 1:1 distance scale or at least give us the option to play with 1:1 distance scale.
If I got any fact wrong do correct me.

Edit: Sorry I thought you were asking for Cold Waters.

Atlantic Fleet is a good game to me. It's a realistic turn-based surface naval combat simulation / wargame. The only downside is that the graphics aren't too good being ported from mobile game.

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