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BO-105 Update
Update 02.04.2014

First on. If you were wondering for the lack of updates. I'm still busy doing the stuff for Coretex (for the guys who ran out of patience, check the coretex threat !!). When this is done, the
BO-105 development will continue in a regular state. Further on - I'm still waiting for additional cockpit-photos which are expected this summer from
a guy who have good contacts, since the german army didn't allow me to take photos of a helicopter which is almost in the museum.

Last weekend I had time to texture the roof and the window-frames. I also baked some AO's for a more realistic effect.

Modeling ToDo's (INTERIOR MODEL)

- Rotorbrake
- 2 Cable holders
- Pilot/Co-Pilot
- Door grips

Modeling ToDo's (EXTERIOR MODEL)
-> Cockpit for the exterior model will be applied as soon as the Interior Model is done. <-


80 % done


not done yet, but the unwrapping is already done

Thanks for the patience !
More News to the front.....

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