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Things going a well so far. I'm still busy getting additional photos on the BO-105 since the guys from Roth doesn't allow me to shoot/ record sounds for privat use ().

State of work:

Modelling to Does:

- Rotorbrake
- Board landing Light
- Door grips

- The Internal and external model is integrated in DCS World and flyable (with Black Shark Dll's). Thanks to my Squadronmate: JaBoG32_Butcher

- Diveplane did an outstanding job on the sound files and I can just recommend this guy. He knows what he's doing. The sounds are (in my opinion) more than realistic. I've heard a lot sound of the BO-105 sounds but these are so close to the realisic that i was leaning back, closed my eyes and I had the feeling that I was sitting on the pilot's seat . Thanks Diveplane for your outstanding job.

- i'm moving on texturing the Centerpanel. In the last few days I was counting gauges jumping over fences when I was lying in my bed . That's why I moved on texturing the weapons-terminal which is 90 % done.
Check the screens of my current state of work. Thanks for your patience

More News to the front.....

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