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Originally Posted by Snorkel7 View Post
It looks like there is a "no travel mode" option planned for a future "Early Access" release. See the following quote from other forum:

"There is an unspoken agreement in the game with the player that game is realistic during combat (in loaded areas), but some things get off during travel mode to make the game playable in the way it was meant.

We are going to make a realistic travel playing mode eventually, where there would be no travel mode and only plain time compression like in Silent Hunter series. We are going to do it a bit later in Early Access though, because that would put too much testing stress on us to maintain two very distinct modes, with different timing for many things in the game.

It may be completely doable for a modder focused on this task though, so maybe somebody will accomplish that before we get to that point."

Note: It appears the developer has considered the debate and plans for a remedy down the development road.
It is my conclusion as well, based on what i have been browsing through, that the developers are making it a priority to address the time compression issues.

Personally, since i occasionally have 3 and 4 weeks of downtime, to do like i had at least once with SHIII and complete a 1x time compression patrol.
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