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Hi JD Username Welcome to Subsim Wolfpack will have AI bots in the future
controling other stations on your Uboat.
At the moment with the new update patch you can password your lobby room or be invisible to others so you can play in single player mode
to get used to the different stations you can touch base with me or post on the Wolfpack area of the forum we are always hosting training sessions.
Onkel Neal Stevens hes the head guy of Subsim he's a realy nice guy a good egg so to speak if when you get Wolfpack playing on your own is'nt half as much fun as playing with four other guys in your Uboat and there can be five Uboats with five crew members per Uboat
in a mission

But there's a lot of stations to cover the dive station and Helm the sonar room then theres the bow and stern balast tanks to fill and blow and also the Negative tank and the periscope TDC (torpedo data computer)a tall order for a one man Uboat crew so to speak.
Ive played Wolfpack with nocken just two of us controling the Uboat and we did ok.
At Subsim where a botherhood of like minded guys and gals who have a thing for Uboats and submarines
you will have no trouble finding people to play Wolfpack with and making lots of new friends.

you can read my Wolfpack battle report link below

if your thinking purchasing Wolfpack its an investment just one payment and no matter how many patches and updates there's no more costs to you.

At Subsim the pride runs deep we look after our own

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