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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
Sticking with 4. Sure, it would be cool to have 6+ but how likely is it there would be many 6 man teams all ready to play at the same time...?
Are you guys looking at Pulsar: Lost Colony at all? It's a very similar basic concept- 5 man co-op crew operates a ship in station-based gameplay, runs around the interiors operating stuff/fighting fires etc. They have a drop-in drop-out model and it's usually no problem getting a 5 man public crew together on a weeknight, and this is in Beta. They also have bots, though. If credible bots can fill player slots, and there's decent drop-in drop-out functionality, I would hope for an upper limit of 6 or so on the crews.

Also I would like to echo Rockin Robbins and other in hoping for an eventual American boat expansion or the game being moddable to allow it. If I can finally run a proper Dick O'Kane tracking party on my bridge, I'll be happy as a clam.
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