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Originally Posted by klingenj View Post
When I read about this - and realized he actually moved to Sweden to follow up on this project - that's when I was completely sold.
And I had completely decided a few years ago I had done enough traveling and would never fly again!

Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
As a guy much more interested in the American submarines than the German ones, I wish this were about American boats. But realistically, if this is to be a success, it must succeed in the European market. That means U-boats.

It's great to see Neal put his money and his body where his mouth is. It's great to see a team of programmers whose main interest is submarines, not FPV shooters.

I love the idea of a cooperative game where players take stations in the submarine to perform those specific tasks. I think the key to making that happen is whether the guy with an hour to burn can jump to the sonar station of a boat already in action without disrupting the play of the other characters already there, and whether they can jump back out after they run out of time without disrupting the other guys playing in that boat.

Guys with no life have to integrate in a positive way with guys who steal an hour from an otherwise busy life, popping in and out of the game. Both sets have to be equally happy to play.

Looks like that's the direction you're headed! I hope you sell lots of games that people are dedicated to for ten years, and that you use some of the profits to produce a game about American submarines.

Hi Steve, if you are in this thread it means we are moving in the right direction.

Quick question, have you played the demo with three other players yet?

A reel shocker:
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