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If you look at this log there is nothing particularly special about it:
Mission log of US submarine USS Harrison.
Day 1, 05:50: Patrol started in Norfolk, USA.
Day 3, 11:12: Ship sunk: Yelna (Soviet Tarantul Class Corvette).
Day 3, 11:12: USS Harrison successfully engaged enemy shipping near 43 N 67 W.
Day 6, 23:20: Ship sunk: MV Kunlun (Chinese Small Cargo Ship).
Day 9, 21:26: Turbine generator malfunction.
Day 10, 04 Lens failure in Periscope.
Day 13, 10:20: USS Harrison was attacked with depth charges by Severstal, a Soviet Koni Class Frigate.
Day 13, 10:26: Ship sunk: Severstal (Soviet Koni Class Frigate).
Day 13, 10:26: USS Harrison engaged a Soviet battlegroup, sinking the important enemy vessel Severstal.
Day 13, 10:29: USS Harrison was fired on by Kuznikov, a Soviet Victor III Class Attack Submarine.
Day 13, 10:39: Chief Petty Officer Aaron Turner was killed in an explosion.
Day 14, 09:18: USS Harrison docked at Barcelona, Spain for refit.
Day 21, 09:18: USS Harrison departed Barcelona.
Day 22, 21:45: Turbine generator malfunction.
Day 32, 17:53: Ship sunk: Wonsan (North Korean Sariwon Class Corvette).
Day 32, 17:53: USS Harrison destroyed the important enemy vessel Wonsan.
Day 39, 06:25: Fire in the Fore Torpedo Room.
Day 39, 07:05: Fire suppression system malfunction in command centre.
Day 39, 07:46: Ensign Timothy Wilson died from injuries.
Day 42, 00:11: USS Harrison performed reconnaissance of Florianopolis port facilities.
Day 44, 16:19: Malfunction in No. 1 Turbine.
Day 46, 03:18: Major fault detected in No. 2 Reactor coolant pump.
Day 60, 23:15: Malfunction occured in Reactor Core of No. 1 Reactor.
Day 63, 14:50: USS Harrison docked at Stanley, United Kingdom for refit.
Day 70, 14:50: USS Harrison departed Stanley.
Day 71, 12:31: Patrol ended(Game saved)

However, around day 39 some really weird stuff started happening, it started with my oxygen system not working, so I had to surface and open the main induction valve for the rest of the patrol, and around day 45, I was teleported from the coast of Argentina to the coast of West Africa. All this leads me to believe the USS Harrison is cursed.
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