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To start us off, here's a 12-day patrol I just played through to make sure version 0.24 is working as intended.

Mission log of Polish submarine ORP Kondor.
Day 1, 05:50: Patrol started in Gdansk, Poland.

(note the new and improved map!)

Our mission was to engage a US taskforce north of Britain in the Greenland-Iceland-UK gap. Headquarters failed to mention just what type of taskforce it was...

Day 2, 14:17: ORP Kondor was attacked with depth charges by FGS Erfurt, a West German Charles F. Adams Class Destroyer.
While cruising north through the Danish Straits at periscope depth, a West German Destroyer picks up the ORP Kondor on its hydrophones and moves to engage. Several depth charges explode near the sub but the damage is light.

Captain Wiktor Kowinski carefully maneuvers the sub into a firing position then releases a pair of torpedos at the target.

The German destroyer evades the first but is struck by the second and explodes.
Day 2, 15:01: Ship sunk: FGS Erfurt (West German Charles F. Adams Class Destroyer).
The Kondor leaves the sinking ship and continues its mission, passing through Skagerrak and entering the North Sea.

Day 2, 15:35: Major fault detected in No. 1 Reactor coolant pump.
Suddenly, a faulty weld in the coolant pipes of the No. 1 Reactor cracks, releasing a stream of highly radioactive water into the Reactor Room! The faulty reactor is scrammed immediately, but it is clear that immediate repairs are required as the coolant pressure plummets and the reactor temperature continues to increase.

Ensign Ludwik Kaluza bravely volunteers to repair the pipes - equipped with a full radiation suit and gas mask, he enters the irradiated reactor chamber. Though radiation levels are rapidly rising and his suit provides only partial protection, this hero of the Polish Navy refuses to leave until the job is complete.

He successfully repairs the pump, but the radiation exposure has taken its toll. He collapses to the ground just after finishing the repairs and is carried to safety by his comrades. They administer first aid but it is clear to everyone that Kazula does not have long to live. He dies early the next morning, having absorbed more than 13Sv of radiation.
Day 3, 03:12: Ensign Ludwik Kaluza died of radiation poisoning.

Several days later, the Kondor approaches the target area. Radar scans fail to reveal any sign of the taskforce, so the submarine begins to methodically search the area using passive sonar and the occasional radar sweep. A target is soon identified on the passive sonar:

A US fast attack submarine! The Kondor quickly fires a torpedo at the contact, scoring a direct hit.
Day 6, 04:02: Ship sunk: USS Edenton (US Sturgeon Class Attack Submarine).

But the Kondor failed to notice a second US attack submarine lying in wait!

The USS Provider unleashes a salvo of torpedoes, two of which hit the starboard side of the Polish submarine. One unlucky crewman is knocked unconscious by the blast and drowns as water pours into the stricken submarine.
Day 6, 06:27: Seaman Izydor Filipek drowned.
As the crew rush to fight the fires and control the flooding, Captain Kowinski orders the weapons officer to fire all three remaining tubes at the Americans. Although the torpedoes are fired without a proper solution, one miraculously manages to hit the US sub as it attempts a high-speed evasion, destroying it instantly.

Day 6, 06:29: Ship sunk: USS Provider (US Sturgeon Class Attack Submarine).
Day 6, 06:29: ORP Kondor engaged a US battlegroup, sinking the important enemy vessel USS Provider.

With the enemy wolfpack sinking into the crushing depths below, the crew of the Kondor focus on avoiding the same fate.

The fires are quickly controlled but the gaping holes in the pressure hull quickly cause the aft engine room to flood - the crew hastily abandon the compartment and seal the bulkhead door behind them.

Hull damage elsewhere in the ship is fortunately light and the ship is able to limp back to Gdansk for repairs.

Day 12, 08:52: Patrol ended at Gdansk, Poland.

This shows off a couple of the new features you can expect in 0.24 - improved AI who use teamwork against you, enemy taskforces/wolfpacks patrolling strategic areas, and of course the fancy new map.

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