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Yes, early access will probably be the case so that we can iron out the creases before official release and get more feedback from the community.

As regards interactivity, then you already know there's gonna be the CIC, the bridge, the sonar room, the engine room, and observation platforms available for gameplay interaction. I could give you a full list of functionalities for each compartment, but we are still in very early development, so some of these may still change. All I can say for sure is that you will be able to play with a lot of instruments and that they will be working in a realistic and meaningful way

As far as mutiplayer is concerned, I can already tell that the game is being made strictly as a single-player experience. If it proves to be a success, then we will be definitely looking into the possibility of making a U-boat vs destroyer multiplayer. After all, we and the Uboat guys work within the same parent company and we have collaborated before, so a game like this could appear one day, who knows

In terms of random elements, we are aiming at procedural generation of U-boat attacks, so that the game can stay fresh and replayable. Apart from the story mode (which is going to offer various plot choices and endings), we will introduce a skirmish mode where you can fight in semi-randomly generated convoy battles.

@les green 01:
We are dividing the game into episodes so as not to get overwhelmed with the whole scope of possibilities. For the first episode, we wish to deliver a comprehensive ASW experience, with a lot detail and depth. If people like the way the game works, then we will introduce the Pacific Theatre with all the facets of naval warfare. I think that the second episode will be more of a full sequel than just DLC, but it's too early to say anything more at this point.

@Amiral Crapaud:
Thank you for letting me know! I will gladly visit their forum and answer any and all questions they may have

If the game proves to be successful, then we are not ruling out appearances by other navies that took part in the conflict. Both the Atlantic and the Pacific theatre saw joint effort of varied forces and I guess it would be good to underline this fact where possible.
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