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Thank Artur, the game already looks great considering it is still over a year from release. Many here have been waiting a long time for a good destroyer sim to come along.

Some questions...

Are you planning to release the game in early access on Steam in a similar way to UBoat?

Your team has obviously put a great deal of work into the stunning graphics and detail of the various compartments. I know that the game will be split between story elements as seen in the trailer and simulation elements. What kind of interactions will be possible on the simulation side of things?

I notice that this is the first chapter and later chapter will encompass anti air and anti surface elements is there any plan for multiplayer in this or future versions possibly with player controlled subs vs destroyers in future releases?

Its great that you are introducing a character and story driven narrative into the game and especially as you are basng a lot of the encounters on real life veteran anecdotes. Will these be randomised in some way to ensure long term replayability or perhaps have additional missions or even a dynamic campaign mode outside of the main story mode as in Battelstations Midway / Pacific etc.

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