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Those are good points, especially in the Inland Sea, though I would have expected one DD on at least routine pilot rescue duty, if not ASW. This is December 1943 and the CV is still cruising solo around the margin of the Pacific. Wish I could find a Yamato as easily.

The 1.3 installation was on the old laptop; the new one started afresh with 1.5, yet I had the TC/destroyer TF/camera askew issues on both. After this career is over, I'll wipe the laptop, reinstall with GFO and the 1945 Balao adjustments, and pay very close attention to the file issues you've so kindly listed. I suspect that's the common thread.

I went back to the end of the previous patrol and started Patrol 20 anew, then passed the Volcano Islands far to the south with no issues before heading to my ECS patrol zone. I'm surprised glitch survived ending Patrol 19 in previous attempts and that a circuitous route may have been the key to avoiding it.
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