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Zero mods, other than the originally installed Balao systems hacks, and no recent changes other than the transfers to Brissie and then Pearl. No issue on the Brisbane patrols but noticed the askew issue when I hit Hiroshima after a photo mission to Osaka.

I've been very careful regarding the file commands you mentioned earlier; however, the laptop manufacturer thoughtfully pushed an upgrade notification, which I declined, right in the middle of a patrol. I suspect that may have corrupted not only the patrol but the game as well.

If memory serves, the DD issues way back in unmodded 1.3 occurred off the Ryukyus and continued under 1.5 GFO.

Speaking of oddities, what's with the unescorted carrier patrolling the Kii Suido? One doesn't always get credit for its sinking and there may be an association with the problem above as it's virtually assured when encountering the CV.
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