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Default Event camera askew

Once again this issue has popped up but under differing circumstances. It's happened on each career and I'd come to assume it was simply a memory defect related to multi-barrel patrols and dozens of sinkings. This time it's only my first assignment and maybe 10-12 kills, mostly by shellfire.

I'm running stock 1.5 with hacks to create a 1945 Balao in 1941, complete with Mk 16 torpedoes, two 5" guns, and no crew limitations. I don't see how any of that should be related though. I had briefly installed some of Berbster's GFO megamod but shut it off several patrols ago.

Historically, the event camera issue precedes time compression issues above 1500 or so. I've restarted the computer but the issue remains.

LAA has been activated since the career began.

Any thoughts?
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