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Originally Posted by Front Runner View Post
Next stop......I'll try TMO/RSRD.
OK.....I've tested this issue in TMO/RSRD and TMO/RSRD/OTC/ISP and I have been unable to reproduce the issue using these supermods.

I have discovered another clue!

When loading a previous (or later) save game, using supermod FOTRSUv.*, from within the game, using either the "Esc" key menu or choosing the Main Menu from the "Esc" key menu, the loaded game forgets all of the navigation routing, and probably all of the Celestial Sphere data, that was saved in the original save game. The navigation routing comes up blank and I have to set new waypoints. This does not occur when using WOTP Vanilla or in the TMO/RSRD/OTC/ISP. The information is definitely within the save game, but is not included when loading that save game from within FOTRSU.v*
I have also tried re-loading the same save game over itself. That does not fix the issue. When loading a previous (or later) save game, as close as I can tell, the Celestial Sphere defaults to the time of day when the Career started. I possibly can take a "Sun-Sight" with the Observation Scope to verify this, at least for the azimuth, maybe not the elevation. Hmmmm....
[UPDATE] OK, I've looked at this and as soon as the previous or later save game loads, the AZIMUTH and ELEVATION of the Sun in the misplaced Celestial Sphere are approximately the same in each instance. I have some screenshots using the Observation Periscope at max elevation on the azimuth of the sun and the halo looks about the same in each screenshot.

I can exit the game, start again, load the save game and the navigation routing is intact. I believe this is a big clue that, hopefully, may lead to a solution to this issue. The issue is an incomplete loading of a saved game file from within the game. This issue appears to affect only FOTRSU.v*
I'm thinking that there is a missing ";" ":" "," "." "/" or someother modifier somewhere, most likely contained within the original FOTRSU.

I don't know where to start looking as I assumed that the "Save game/Load game" functions were hard coded in the sh4.exe. Now, I think not. Some modification has prevented a full and accurate loading of a save game from within the FOTRSU.v* supermod.
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