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I'm not sure what you mean with:
So, just each changed line in the file needs saving? Not the entire changed folder?
You can only modify files once. I mean, the game can't handle multiple versions of the same file. A file needs to be saved only once after you enter all modifications (text lines?) you make into it. Ofcourse you can make a change, then save, and later make another change on the same file, and save that.

Folders cannot be modified, they just contain files and it keeps all files apart in a nice orderly structure. (You don't want to do business in a folder where every file is thrown into one huge heap) In the case of the mod folderstructure, you only need to make enough folders to give the modified game files their propper place. Files you didn't modify do not need to be included in your game. Neither do you need to include folders that are empty by default, or would contain only unmodified files. Ofcourse you do need to include those folders that have other folders, that have folders .... that have folders that contain modified files.

In other words, and in a figure of speech, if you have a (modified) leaf on a tree, that leaf is hanging on a twig, that is on a branch, that is connected to a bigger branch, that is connected to the trunk, which is on the root. JSGME needs all those intermediate parts as folders to propperly place you modified leaf. Or else the leaf, with perhaps the twig and minor branch fall to the ground if it is not supported by the bigger parts. Branches, twigs that lead to leafs that have not be modified can be ignored.

Did that make sense? Are you sure you know what the difference is between files and folders (aka directories).
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