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Default U-Boat Upgrade > When? > How To Do It <> Part 2.

U-Boat Upgrade > When? > How To Do It <> Part 2.

Picture 1 > Radio Message in October 1939 received in my 3rd Mission/Patrol.
This is a repeat of the Radio Message from Post #51 just how time flies.

Picture 2 > In the Office select the desk on right > U-boat Management.
You can see that 4 months have passed since the October Radio Message.

Picture 3 > Shows the U-Boats available.
You will probably have notice that there is not a Type VII Upgrade even though it was mentioned in the October Radio Message.
The opening screen shows your current U-Boat.

Picture 4 > Click on the IXB to start the Upgrade.

Picture 5 > Click on the IXB again.

Picture 6 > Yes to confirm the Upgrade.

Picture 7 > The U-Boat number U-64 now become visible.
The Side Emblem in Specials may give you a specific Emblem to your U-Boat number.
However there are many to choose from.

Picture 8 > Click on your chosen Emblem and confirm > Yes.

Picture 9 > The only Equipment Upgrade available at this time is the Hydrophone.

Picture 10 > Click on KDB and confirm > Yes.

Picture 11 > The default Conning Tower is the IX / 1 B.
This accompanies the default Flak Guns 37mm deck fitted and 20mm in the Conning Tower.
No action required for the default Conning Tower.
If you want 2 x 20mm Flak Guns then you need to change the Conning Tower.

Picture 12 > I will click on the IX / 2 B Conning Tower and confirm > Yes.
The Flak Guns are automatically selected as there are no 20mm Upgrades available at this time.

I have not touched on Torpedoes as there are no Upgrades available at this time in the war.
Changing the Torpedo layout is not saved so if you want to change the quantities of G7a and G7e Torpedoes then it needs to be done before starting the New Mission.

Click on U-BOATS / ALL or use the < arrows to return to the Office.

Picture 13 > The Office now shows the date has advanced from February 6th to March 27th.
The U-Boat Type IXB is showing and the Renown has been adjusted.

You may wish to go to the Barracks (Filing Cabinet) to add the extra Crew > 2 Petty Officers > 3 Sailors for the Type IXB or start the Eprobungstelle Test Mission now and add them later.

If you wish to give the new enlisted Crew Qualifications then exit to the Desktop.
Start SH3Commander, go to Crew Management.

Simulate Realistic Crew Transfers or Simulate a Realistic Career Length can be used on Test Missions so tick the boxes before starting the game.

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