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To reply to my own case anyone else wants to do similar at some stage, I managed what I wanted to achieve using the OM_plot mod ( Black contacts with no tails for all contacts.

I did have a problem with installing the mod in that some entries in the "sea" folder of the mod which had an entry about airgroups (starting with "[Airgroup") caused the game to crash to desktop on loading. So I removed them from the update and all is well. I'm not sure what difference not having the mod affect those ships will be, but after a bit of play now everything seems ok so far.
Install 1: RSRD, TMO, SCAF, Max Optics, TGT Dials to PK, Convoy Routes Map
Install 2: OP Monsun, Black Contacts, TMO Keys, Webbers Smoke
Install 3: Stock v1.5
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