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Originally Posted by Feuer Frei! View Post
Thanks, yea i've been modding the garage and all my most-played vehicles.
The KV, when i got it i played with it as stock straight away and made the stupid mistake of thinking i can start mixing it with tier 5 and up! Ha! Yea right. So i ground xp with my daily doubles and the rest with my Marder 2. Didn't take long for the 107mm gun to appear!
Has anyone got the T29? (US).
That will be the next tech line i will take. The T29 i've seen in the game kicks butt. Looks to be a good solid performer.
What's the major difference between the T-34 and the T-34-85?
The T-34-85 is the other 'to keep' tank i want to get.
Only thing good about the T 29 is its turret. other than that, your tier 8/9 chow.

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