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Hi there Zeewolf + tank fans,

I have always been interested in WW2 in general and over the years played many a WW2 game on my pc in said genre and playing about with tanks especially the German units are my favourites (reading this forum i'm not the only one it seems ).

Now a few monthes ago i was being dragged around my city centre by my missus when i made a detour towards a shop which buys/sells electrical goods,CD'S,Games,DVD'S etc.... (basically a pawnbroker)) anyway i had a browse around the games section when i came across a battered old box which caught my eye , it was T34 v Tiger for 5 so i quickly snapped it up and purchased it.

When i got home i installed it (jeez that serial number was tricky) and had a blast, wow i thought i'm actually driving a Tiger tank how did this game escape my net anyway i played all missions over and over then came across this site a little while ago and actually i was a member from my SH3/4 days. I read about the work that you are doing on TvT and like what i have seen in screenshots and discussions here so donated $60 last night towards the Project and eagerly await the link to download the content so far especially the German units.

See you on the new battleground soon,

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