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I'm just about finished with the mod. It took slightly longer because I got anal with the AO map. I have to package everything up (readme, etc.), then I'll make a new thread.

FYI- For those interested in using skwasjer's excellent tutorial to make their own changes anyway, there are a couple of things to note: The above fix will correct the rotation for all subs. However, the blades will still be facing the wrong direction on all subs except the tambor, gato and balao -i.e. the trailing edge first instead of the leading edge first. So I had to swap the models and their offsets (ignoring their +/- sign). The reason you have to also switch the offsets is because each prop has a different starting location in max. If you import both props at the same time in max you'll see what I mean.

The other way to do it would be to just rename the nodes and swap their values...but I always thought this was the "dirtier" way since your tricking the game by saying right is left and left is right since the original ID# is referenced in the .zon file. If I'm wrong I'm sure skwasjer will correct me on this.

Edit: Forgot to add the tambor to the list that also doesn't require a model swap.

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