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Yeah, SH4 1.5 was the only thing affected. When I bought the 1.5 patch I tried to download from the original link several times and it failed every time, then I found the link for the amazon downloader and got that instead. That worked, but instead of the usual window with the option to browse it just installed it in program files\ubisoft. Hang on, let me run a REGEDIT.

Yep, search for "silent" turns up registry keys for C:\Program Files (Win XP, no X86) etc.etc SH4.exe and S3D.exe. No files no backup, the downloader just checks the registry and installs without asking where the user wants it. After that I was able to copy the folder to three different subfolders on my F drive (SANDISK SSD) and they all ran okay until the crash/system restore.

Again this is not the first time in history, the google search turns up the same error message on several websites.
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