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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
We all know what the alarrrrm! crash dive bell sounds like. But under a normal dive, not under combat conditions, was there another dive bell that told the boat to prepare to dive? NO. PEACETIME, LEAK TEST, ROUTINE OR TRAINING dive:
Readiness to dive
A. Commands
41. The Commander gives the order: Commander: "Prepare to dive", if necessary with restrictions (e.g. "except for diesels") If circumstances require, it is first ordered: "Upper deck prepare to dive" and later "Below deck prepare to dive". 42. This command is only given to the Engineering Officer.
Crash DIVES:
The crash dive is a wartime maneuver and forms the basis of front training of a crew. Therefore, routine preliminary training for crash diving including timing is particularly important. It is to be done as often as possible and gradually to be made more demanding. Only the certainty that every man of the crew handles the measures and controls he is responsible for with absolute certainty allows the Commander to carry out the crash dive in wartime.....
The helmsman sounds the alarm bell and shouts "Alarm". He immediately puts both engine telegraphs on "Dive", switches the receivers to "Both rooms", turns off the alarm bell and, finally, switches the engine telegraph receivers to "E motor". The engine telegraphs remain set on "Dive", until the E motor is set for Ahead GF or another propulsion level is ordered by the Commander.
116. Every man of the crew repeats the order aloud, so that it is guaranteed that even the sleepers are awakened by the order. Particular attention must be paid to the loud exclamation of the order because the noise still prevalent in the boat must be overcome and the order must get into the diesel engine room even in the event of the failure of the alarm bell, flashing light and engine telegraphs.
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