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Originally Posted by Randomizer View Post
When you attempt a bombardment you are likely to encounter the dreaded "Teleportation" bug, which renders the campaigns unplayable in my opinion.
I have encountered that bug, not as badly as you have, but on occasion it can be quite annoying (as also your ships reappear on the campaign map some distance from their original locations). But I'm willing to stick with it, because I think if enough people buy it, and the community gets large enough, they'll be able to afford to re-hire programmers and the like to fix these issues and expand the game, maybe even create a World War 2 game.

They have a good underlying product, no-one else has created a game about WW1 naval warfare that is this good, both in 'eye candy' and in mechanics/strategy/tactics, etc. But they need money, they need an influx of cash to get the game up to spec. There are still questions to which I can find no answers;

(1) What do sea-plane carriers do? Do they extend the 'vision' of the fleet? If I use them as an aviation patrol, do they show more than I'd otherwise see?

(2) When selecting area patrol, what do the numbers 1 to 100 signify? Tiles? Miles? I can put a unit on 15 and yet it seems to be sailing up the Jade into Wilhelmshaven harbour

(3) Please provide a way to attack or counter submarines because it's just ridiculous, particularly when that German mine-laying sub unit sets up in Oostende and mine-lays the entire mouth to the English channel, and one cannot do anything about it except countermine (I laid thousands upon thousands of mines around Zeebrugge and Rotterdam, for about 5 weeks, sortie after sortie, literally over 5,000 mines laid) and all I managed was to sink a single one of those mine-laying German subs.
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