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Originally Posted by Lootron View Post
I got the mod working and it is GREAT!

Question: My wingmen keep falling back. I end up doing everything. Why sint there an order for "follow me"? Is there a way to fix this?

Edit: Whenever I play a day scenario, all the tanks are black.
Your wingmen should follow you by default. However, if they see an enemy, and unless you have ordered them to hold fire, they will halt and engage (the wingman number turns from white to blue in the 'mousetank', when a wingman is engaging).

If you want them to stop shooting and get back into formation, select all wingmen, and then order 'Hold Fire'. If they are slow to start moving again, you can again select all, then order 'Continue'. Remember to oder 'Fire at Will' again at some point!

You can also mouse click on another tank in your platoon (the actual tank) to select him, then click on a spot on the ground, to order him 'Move there'. You can move pairs of wingmen in the same way. if you ahve set them up as groups, IIRC.

They should follow you by default, in the formation you have ordered. That's only your own platoon of course, other friendly platoons in the same scenario are following the script set by the mission maker.

Having to learn and do all this stuff is why you get paid more as a platoon leader

Tanks being black sounds like a texture library not loading or a mismatch between a particular texture library and the 3d files. Unless it's a particular problem with a particular tank. Suggest you register on the PEDG forum and ask there, the mod's maker Daskal, Aldo or one of the other regulars will get you sorted pronto.
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