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Originally Posted by Fifi View Post
Yes, that’s an SH4 issue, Voice sounds are for the least … messed.
Never understood why voices speeches aren’t working even correctly displayed
The splash sound as you said is the only way to hear depth charges coming.
Just make sure of the correct sound in DC.dsd linked to all depth charges in .dat, and I think you can even adjust the volume of the splash so to be sure of hearing it…
Didn't someone replace that "splash" file with a vocal "Depth charges in the water" vocal audio file, and found that it played at some inappropriate times for the vocal announcement?

Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
My sonar guy i think it was picked something stationary, and i was curious and went to see, it was a japanese sub, i fired 1 torpedo at it and they evade it and started circling around, they must of saw my periscope because the next thing i see is a torpedo i did not fire on the event cam for my surprise... i crash dived very quickly. Nice. I left that sub alone, hard to hit moving like that anyway.
The subs can be quite interesting. Some are set to be stationary on the surface for a while, and do attempt to give chase if you do not get them first. You definitely have to be careful on the approach, and use minimal periscope, plus "stealth". The Ko Hyoteki mini seems to be capable of submerging while chasing you (possibly just its "sea-keeping", or lack thereof while moving at higher speeds), making it very difficult to do a 2nd shot against. I have not seen any of the others submerge while moving, but there is a submerged Jyunsen B in the mod that could be used if anyone wants a real challenge. They move, they shoot, they scare the daylights out of opponents (they do activate the Event Camera when launching torps)... None of those are purposefully put in the career files, but there is a Single Mission that will have some, for those up for the challenge. Not in the mod yet...

btw, the airplanes are putting up a good fight, cantankerous as ever, but s7rikeback is whipping them into shape (it's actually the Loadout definitions versus the "B" nodes on the platforms), and we should have a fully functional set of them shortly. You will have to dive to avoid visual contact with all of them in the next release, due soon.

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