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Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
If memory serves me correctly for a "Depth charges in the water" warning, there is a "splash" sound that you have to listen carefully for, but the vocal warning is generally not there. I have not hunted down all possible ways for it to be triggered, but I have not heard it for a while. I wish there was a way to get a "Incoming torpedo!" vocal warning, but alas... This is why there is no penalty for using the Event Viewer camera in FotRSU. That is like your sound man letting you know what is attacking you.
Yes, thatís an SH4 issue, Voice sounds are for the least Ö messed.
Never understood why voices speeches arenít working even correctly displayed
The splash sound as you said is the only way to hear depth charges coming.
Just make sure of the correct sound in DC.dsd linked to all depth charges in .dat, and I think you can even adjust the volume of the splash so to be sure of hearing itÖ
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