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I started in 1941 and now i am in late 1943, and after 3 or 5 encounters with escorted groups, i haven't been pinged not even once, i fire the torpedoes and dive deep, some destroyers passed close or even above me, but zero pings, one destroyer depth charged far away from me like 600 yards or something once and that was all the action i got from destroyers in all this patrols.

Is this normal behaviour

I didn't like that in tmo the dd's were always pinging even when the sub didn't 'manifest' its presence, and even made a 'hack' to avoid that, but when i hit some targets i should expect some pinging from escorts that get close, or passing the thermal layer is a safe 'barrier' to being pinged?

Also does this mod have 'depth charge in the water' warning like TMO?
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