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Originally Posted by Kongo Otto View Post
Have this strange thing on both night and attack periscope.
I don't know if that's a stock game bug or not so I thought I let you know.
Happens on s-class boat.
That, and a "steam" pire that seems to follow you, or your U-Mark being up in the sky and moving up and down in relation to where you put the external camera all can happen after shelling-out to Windows - the most common way - which is 'fixed' by avoiding shelling-out (I know, I know "blame the user" syndrome), or it can happen after using high time compression (again, fixed by not using high time compression) [Captain Obvious Interupting]"Er, uh, excuse me sir, how exactly do you define 'High Time Compression'?[/COI] "Why, anything that causes the game to glitch, of course!" But seriously, these kinds of things were the main reason that there was a 2048x TC limit on the game previously, and in reality, 1024x is probably too much sometimes for the game engine... All of that said, the external cameras and the way they are set-up now, seem to contribute a little bit also. It also seems to be very computer specific, including video card specific. Plus, the settings in GFXSetting.cfg also seem to contribute, like the sun shining through the water, or the lighthouses shining through land... Save the game, exit the game, re-start the game, and Load the Save, hold your mouth correctly as you do all of that), and maybe it will clear. Graphic anomalies are very difficult to track down, but I have occasionally seen that on my system. If it keeps doing that, you might want to experiment with the video settings on the Options menu, try one thing at a time, if see if that makes a difference.

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