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Hey everyone!
I hope you had a great start on the new year!

I finally started to work on the most exciting stuff, as you can see on the photos above!
The first photo is just some different water colors, better or worse you think?

The second photo shows the ingame mapscreen in an early state.
I have been working on the functions for scrolling, zooming, drawing waypoints and tracking positions of objects in a different program, and finally merged it with Battleship Command!
So now I am busy setting up waypoints for AI ships.
My AI already follows waypoints, so I can now easily create a living ocean with random ships spawning in "port" (first waypoint, no physical ports ingame yet (not even the terrain)) and follow a randomly selected path.

It still needs some work of course!
But the idea is that in this screen you will see mission areas, control recon planes, tankers/supply ships, uboats and other ships that you are cooperating with.

You will also see intelligence information such as positions of target reports.

A great start for BC in 2020!

My WIP Battleship simulator, Battleship Command: Scharnhorst
Want to support the project on Patreon? Here's the link!
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