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HUDs that can give many good ideas are the tank ones, as gunnery is paramount on them also.

The ship silhouette from above could also show how the turrets are trained in real time.

My question would be, could the turrets in local control use the computers still and communicate with the plotting rooms to get target calculations? If lets say the three main directors are knocked out.
Warships have many redundant systems just in case, but I tend to think that communication was mostly one way i.e. the main directors gathered and created the target solution and relied it to the turrets for their operators to train and aim them. Via phone/comms or maybe even making it appear in the turrets own computer.

Only when the main directors where knocked out, or when instructed to fire on their own (F.e. the secondaries against smaller fast torpedo boats or too close vessels) would they create their own target solution.

It is logic to think that the topmost rangefinder and highest position director (Main bridge, next to plotting room and radar) had the best solution, so they would usually rely it to the rest. I also know the secondary directors were many times used when forced to split gunnery between several targets independently, and in that case acted nearly independently.

Until you encode multiplayer and allow several players to share a ship as directors or other roles, you can have the usual CIC map seen from above and use right click on the enemy ships identified to assign them to be followed/attacked by specific directors/guns.
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