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Default Brückes awash??!!

^Just guessing wildly here: but the U 995 was schnorkel equipped; one of the marking on the Pappenburg guage is "Brücke" In German: 'bridge' but also in Norwegian (she surrendered at Tronheim Norway and was taken over as the "Kaura' in use for 15 years.)...Brucke in Norwegian is also 'exhaust'...related to the schnorkel??? Since the notation has an umlout I would guess German notation for decks awash to enable the late radar array to remain above water in the perilous end days of WWII; a precise notation at -6.6 to -7 meters if not also the schorkel ( "he who schnorkels well-lives") in the stress related atmosphere of a late kreigsmarine zentrelle, a harried planesman would have an instant memory refresher for a 'correct micro depth adjustments. FuMO 65 Hohentwiel U1 Type F431 C1 for type VII Uboats was for aircraft detection. No need to stay fully surfaced awaiting some Liberator PB4Y's centimetric leigh-lighted doom??!!
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