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Because I am awful at it... lol - of course, I did try to follow along with the skwasjer's tutorial, and I might have misunderstood some steps...

My main question about all of this, is are there "reserved" characters in the game? Like some web sites don't allow you to use the bang character in a password, because it is an OS "switch"... ?? I can use <Alt><0176> in a text editor, or even in the game's Mission Editor, and it will indeed display a "degree" symbol as it does here - but it does not show that symbol on one of the "orders" pages, such as what KM has above... Why does a "pipe" character, which is used in Single Mission tsr files for a CR/LF character, count as the same number of chacaters as are left on a given line where the symbol is used on the orders "page"? In other words, 32 character spaces left on a line, and the "pipe" will be 32 characters in length. An empty line, for a paragraph separation counts as 62 characters - the whole line... why? Yet, if you have a 12 character word that will not fit on the line above that only has room for 10 characters, the line above will NOT use those 10 characters, and they are added to the end of the file, apparently, up to the point where the "signature" is on the page, of course... Just such a strange page "definition"... Like it's compiled at run-time through and with menu_1024_768.ini, which is my guess... Kind of like a running script.

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