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Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
I do not think I want to wander into that minefield just yet though...
ok here are some test results.
TSR for Mission Briefing
MissionBriefing=&atro! the @re arou#d Wa$e Island. %nterdict ^ny tra&fic, *specially (inbound) cargo_and-fuel +hips. P<trol f>r ? days :and : {then} [return] to| base.

Orders within the game

keeps the:
  • ampersand
  • exclamation (bang),
  • percent (%),
  • both parens (),
  • underscore,
  • dash,
  • plus sign (+),
  • question mark,
  • colon
forgets the:
  • AT sign (@),
  • the pound sign (#),
  • dollar sign ($),
  • caret (^),
  • asterisk (*),
  • less than (<),
  • greater than (>),
  • braces {},
  • brackets[], and
  • vertical bar(|).

not sure what the specials do to the count but then we cannot really test that: it either works or doesn't work.
i missed the semi colon...entered two colons. have to edit that and try again.
there are only two things in the world: submarines and targets.
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