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Default Valid characters in the Mission Editor

I do not recall if I dreamt this, or if there really is a post, but I seem to recall someone posting about the valid characters that SH4 uses with the various fonts found in the game, or maybe they had "printed" text with the fonts? I do not recall. But besides a character-count limit in the Mission Briefing text, seen when the player's "orders" print in-game when going on a career patrol, there also seems to be a "premium" paid for certain characters (for lack of understanding of what is happening). It seems that the forward slash character "/" makes the character count go up, or something, because if that slash is used, the game will not display as many characters, and if the "limit" is reached, (whatever it actually is), then the mission will CTD the game, as found in several instances, such as recently experienced by goldmastersims in current mission objective gives a crash to desktop. There does not seem to be any rhyme nor reason to if, and when a mission will CTD from a Mission Briefing character count violation, other than we do know that a 'plain text' count of roughly 1124 characters will crash the mission, but we have had less than 750 characters also crash, with a seemingly primary contributor being CR/LF characters, or the "pipe" character, which seems to count for full lines of 62 characters of text, and not just the CR/LF character... Anyway, does anyone remember what the game's 'English' fonts can and cannot display?

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