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My pick, currently they seem to work on something new.
After getting a little more familiar with all WW2 tank simulations currently available (TC only by watching videos) I would agree that

Steel Furry is the most satisfying title out there. Somehow is rather very unintuitive and hard to remember keystrokes, but this is maybe due to the lack of practice on my end. I am also not the biggest fan of the environment (trees) which to me looks a little strange.

Unfortunately, I cannot say this about Panzer Elite, which despite very significant and loyal modders' following never really managed to appeal to me as the greatest.

T34vs.Tiger possibly with great potentials, but never exploited.

Tank Crew (TC) the most beautiful and the newest at the present, but I have read many critical comments about apparent shortcomings and do not want to be a beta tester after paying a premium price to enter the club. This title has a great future, but it needs sufficient and adequate development.

Kind of surprising to me was how good, interesting, and engaging as far as gameplay is concerned Combat Missionx1 turned out to be. Especially I am referring here to CMBB (Barbarossa to Berlin) which now is very cheap (GOG) and has amazingly well-developed elements of tactics and coordination with other battlefield forces like infantry, artillery, and what have you. Yes, this title does not provide any inside view from the tank neither it has the ability to aim and shoot so it really cannot be compared fairly to other contenders in this group, but still there is a lot there to have a W2 tank fun around.
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