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Icon14 Understanding Red Flag with Mr. F111.

Don't let Jeff Guinn's "aw, shucks" attitude fool you, the guy was really good at flying F-111's and for the all the stuff he does discuss, there's a lot he doesn't cover. Searching YT with his name will bring up other interviews he did, and all of them are outstanding.

For the (military) sim pilot, there are some mis-conceptions about Red Flag at Nellis AFB that get covered. If you don't spot them at first, watch the interview again.

- Air-to-air combat is a support mission. Air-to-air is neat, but air-to-ground is what wins the war.

- Aggressor aircraft look really neat, but the whole point to aggressor air craft is lost if they win the fight.

- The FB-111 (a variant of the F-111 that looked mostly identical) dominated SAC bombing competitions due to its accuracy.
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