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Originally Posted by Sailor Steve
If that video (which is good, by the way) is representitive of IL2, then I'm glad I've never played it, for two reasons.

1) There were no cannon-armed Spitfires in the Battle Of Britain. They hadn't solved the jamming problem with the hispano-suiza cannons and they didn't appear in service until the Spit II came along.

2) Spitfires were built with a multi-thickness spar running through most of the wing. It was impossible to have one wing come off, unless hit by some kind of rocket, or maybe a MK103 or MK108 30mm cannon, neither of which were operational that early. This was also a big error in the movie Battle Of Britain. Messershmitt Bf-109s on the other hand had modular bolt-on wings, and could lose one or the other.
You are Correct Steve,

the problem with IL2 is, that some planes are the latest models
you cannot choose a earlier version of it.
so yeah, ur stuck with the cannons
some planes have the Each year model. the BF109 has it as well the FW serie
and some russian models. the Spitfire and some american and finish etc etc do not have each Year model of the type.

the Theme in IL2 is the Eastern combat.
the German Vs Russian scene plays the main part of the total IL2 game . so they paid extra attention on them.

IL2 is one of the Best CFS out there.
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