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Originally Posted by Markus Witt View Post
But I have no idea why both attacks gave such different responses by the merchants. The first response was ridiculous and gave me no chance whatsoever.
Luck factor I'd guess.

What happens when your torpedoes go off is all nearby ships instantly change their crew state from "Cruise" to "Alert", increasing their ability to detect you - so even if you were quite safe a second before, now you might end up in their "detection range". Then there's the luck factor: being inside detection range doesn't mean instant detection, it means they get random time in which they will spot your boat. It may be a second, or it may be enough for you to move out of dangerous spot. And at night, then there's spotlights (haven't looked into how they work but I guess being in spotlight drastically cuts down on time they need to detect you - and since they scan with those spotlights randomly, there's again a random chance that they just happen to point it in right direction and see you instantly).
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