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DCS Open Beta changelog

DCS World
- AI planes don't attack the targets assigned at the starting point when using Late activation: fixed.
- Static BMP-3 no longer able to apply smokescreen.
- TF-51D: Default input added for Game Mode.
- TF-51D: K-14 related commands deleted from axis settings.
- AI helicopters no longer sees “invisible” units.
- DE localization. Mixed languages and translations mistakes in the options menu fixed

DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3
- Radar now can be turned ON after player enters to plane by [RAlt+J].
- FPS in F-15C campaign improved .

DCS: P-51D (TF-51D)
- Starter action time increased in Autostart script.

- 19th mission in “Spring Tension” campaign corrected.

Combined Arms
- Fixed server crash when player attempts to set aircraft route.
- MANPAD’s indication and lock range tuned.
- CA Unit Control - RTB ability added.
- Fixed crash when MP-client takes control SAM Osa (SA-8 ) with disabled AI.
More News to the front.....

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